Continuous Delivery

Your guide to continuous delivery

What is Continuous Delivery?

Continuous Delivery (CD) is the practice of using automation to produce releasable software in short iterations, allowing teams to ship working software more frequently. The recent emphasis on continuous integration, built-in testing, constant monitoring, and analytics feedback all point toward an overall trend in the software industry: increasing the ability to react. As organizations explore what these changes mean for them, they invariably discover continuous delivery, commonly known as CD.

If your tests are run constantly, and you trust your tests to provide a guarantee of quality, then it becomes possible to release your software at any point in time. Continuous delivery doesn't always mean delivering, it represents a philosophy and a commitment to ensuring that your code is always in a release-ready state.

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“I can’t check out! The server must be down again,” the developer exclaimed. But after a few minutes of diagnosis, a minor configuration problem with his client was solved and Erin was back to her coffee, reviewing the continuous integration dashboard and planning her day. "Here we go,” Erin thought. 

— a parable about how to start your own CI/CD journey 
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