Atlassian Suppliers

Contact information

Accounts Payable

Invoice submission and payment inquiries:


Purchase order status and procurement inquiries:

How to get paid

  • Supplier must be registered to Coupa Supplier Portal. Here is a quick guide:  Coupa Supplier Portal Training Material.pdf
  • Invoices must be sent electronically directly to Atlassian Accounts Payable:
  • Invoices must reference your Purchase Order Number
  • Invoices must reference the Bill To listed on your Purchase Order
  • Invoices must reference the name of the Atlassian Requestor who initiated the purchase

Helpful reminders

  • Once you receive a PO (and fully-executed agreement, if applicable) from Atlassian, services may commence and/or goods may be shipped.
  • Do NOT send invoices to your Atlassian Requestor.  Invoices must be sent directly to Accounts Payable.  The Requestor may be cc'd on your submission to AP, if needed.


  • Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is a free tool that allows Atlassian to easily do business with its suppliers. The CSP makes managing business transactions with Atlassian easy.
  • Purchase Order: Commercial document and official offer issued by Atlassian to a Supplier, indicating agreed upon items and prices for goods and services
  • Requestor: Atlassian business contact who requested the order
  • Ship to: Where the goods will be delivered or services will be performed
  • Bill to: Atlassian legal entity buying the goods or services