We build collaboration software

We build collaboration software for every team

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Our mission

We believe all teams have potential to do amazing things.

From space travel and DNA sequencing, to video games and nonprofits, our mission is to unleash the potential in every team and help advance humanity through the power of software.

Our mission

Meet our leaders

We've got the type of team you’d take home to meet Mom.
Our people are awesome.

Meet us
Founders & CEOs: Mike Cannon-Brookes & Scott Farquhar

Our values

These are the values that guide our business, our product development, and our brand. As our company continues to evolve and grow, these five values remain constant.

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Open Company

Open company, no bullshit

Play, as a team

Play, as a team

Heart and Balance

Build with heart and balance

Be the change you seek

Be the change you seek


Don't #@!% the customer

Giving back

Our customers do amazing things and change the world. We want in on that. So we're giving 1% of our equity, profit, and product to charity and giving our employees vacation to volunteer.

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Big data

All our vital statistics... and a few more, just for fun.


14 years of making kickass software

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6 offices in 5 countries


12 products in our arsenal


1,800+ employees and growing daily

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107,000+ customers using our products


100 million donated in Community licenses

User groups

107 user groups discussing Atlassian

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2 planets with our software on them


1% donated of all profits, employee time, and equity


200+ t-shirts designed and worn

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2.5 corgis – Millie, Dawn, and Jupiter (half corgi!)

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2 robots created with our software


Az Atlassian csapat ötlettárának bemutatása

Ez nem az elefántcsonttornyában ülő vezérigazgató menedzsmentkézikönyve. Csapatok írták csapatoknak. Részletes útmutatót biztosít a csapatod egészségi állapotának nyomon követéséhez, valamint a Get $#!τ Done™ izmod erősítéséhez.

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Team Playbook

Atlassian User Groups (AUGs)

Get to know us the old fashioned way. We're comin' to a town near you.

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News & Press

All the Atlassian news that's fit to print: articles, awards, releases, and our press kit.

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